CLASS: LMG/01- Single-Cycle  Degree in LAW

Years of study: 5

Credits (CFU): 300

Mode of study: full-time; free access course

Course with the possibility of acquiring a double degree

Single-Cycle Degree in LAW

The Single-Cycle Degree in Law is directed, first and foremost, towards the so-called classical legal professions, i.e. Attorney, Magistrate or Notary. Nevertheless, its structure is such that this course is perfectly apt also for those aspiring to different professions, such as positions within the public service, in international organizations, within the banking sector, in real estate, in specialized journalism and the like. Furthermore, this study path has been built bearing in mind the expectations of jurists who have to confront international issues. Some courses are held in English.

The Single-Cycle Degree in Law is a five years Course. Several classes of the first year have an historical and/or philosophical bent, intending to provide or strengthen the “cultural platform” needed during the following years. The last two years feature several subjects to be freely chosen by the students in order to allow the students a further focus on those issues and subjects he or she deems particularly important for his or her education and personal interests.

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